About Lutherstadt Wittenberg

horizontal_05_cityLutherstadt (Luther Town) Wittenberg, population 50,000, is about 60 miles southwest of Berlin, easily accessible by car or train. Located on the Elbe River, Lutherstadt Wittenberg is also a favorite stopping point for the popular river cruise ships. It is the home town of Dr. Martin Luther, the Great Reformer, and the city affectionately known as the “Cradle of the (Protestant) Reformation”. See the Luther House, the Castle and Town Church, and all the other historic buildings made famous by Luther and his colleagues during the time of the Reformation. The Wittenberg Tourist Information Center has an informative website to acquaint you with the many places of interest, festivals, and events that hallmark the Reformation 500 years ago: www.lutherstadt-wittenberg.de (At the top of the home page, click on the British flag for English translation.) For additional discovery of the cultural and historic significance of Wittenberg, go to the Wikipedia site: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wittenberg

Other websites of interest:

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Castle church: www.schlosskirche-wittenberg.de
Town Church: www.stadtkirchengemeinde-wittenberg.de
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