Luther’s Churches and Sites

Luther’s Churches and Sites
  1. The Castle Church with the 95 Theses Door
  2. The Town Church with the world famous Cranach Altar Paintings
  3. The Lutherhaus Museum – former Augustinian monastery; where Luther lived and taught
  4. The Melanchthon House Museum – where Phillipp Melanchthon, Luther’s closest friend, lived
  5. The Luther Oak Tree – site where Luther burned the Papal Bull of Excommunication
  6. The Cranach Museum and Workshop – where Lucas Cranach, Senior & Junior, produced their paintings of the Reformation
  7. The Old Rathaus and Town Square
  8. The Statues of Luther and Melanchthon – in front of the Old Rathaus
  9. The Wittenberg University – where Luther was Professor
  10. The Black Bear Tavern – where Luther enjoyed many discussions with the students and townspeople
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